Momma Mari’s Sneaky BBQ Sauce 355 mL


You might want to watch out for our next Momma. Our Signature Sneaky Momma gets a little more creative with taste. The longer you marinate your taste buds in her flavour, sneaky momma slowly releases her true comical colors, beginning with a fairly sweet smile then, when you least expect it, her flavour bites back. Momma Mari likes to be a little playful with her sense of humor so this type of sauce fits in well!

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Product Description


Tomato Paste
Brown Sugar
Tomato Puree
Sunflower Oil
Seasoning (NON GMO Soy)
Ghost Pepper
*Contains Organic NON GMO Soy


Refrigerate after opening.
Shake Well before using.
Perfect as a Paste or Marinade for Grilled Foods.

Case Size:

12 per Case

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